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Our goal is to help your organization achieve its full potential by finding the right person for the job. And our experience and specialization give us the edge over generalists or those who merely dabble in our industry.

Professional Profiles
WILLIAM G. RADIN began his executive search career after receiving his masters degree from the University of Southern California in 1985 and held the position of Manager of Sensor Technologies at Search West in Los Angeles prior to founding Radin Associates in 1989. A member of the Instrument Society of America and the International Society of Weighing and Measurement, his guest columns have appeared in SENSORS, InTech and Weighing & Measurement magazines. 

WILLIAM H. MOSS has served as Technical Advisor to Radin Associates since 1994. He is the past Executive Director of Open DeviceNet Vendors Association (ODVA) and was VP of Marketing for Computer Products, Inc. Formerly with Hudson Products and Bailey Controls, Mr. Moss is a registered professional engineer and holds an MBA and an MS in Chemical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University.

Blueprint for a Successful Search
As specialists serving a niche-market of clients and technologies, we know how to find high-achieving individuals and attract them to your company. Here
’s a summary of how we work:

 Step 1  Research and Recruiting
Before the search begins, we’ll arrange a meeting to discuss your specific needs and to draw up a profile of the person you wish to hire. To sharpen our understanding of the position, we’ll ask you to fill out a brief questionnaire—we call it a search navigator—designed to prioritize candidate characteristics and identify companies, industries or markets from which a person with exceptional talent might be found.

During the recruiting process, we’ll make progress reports and background presentations when qualified candidates surface. We’ll facilitate interviewing, check references when appropriate, give our input in terms of candidate interest level and suitability, and make recommendations with respect to compensation and relocation issues. In most cases, the first round of referrals and interviews will take approximately three to six weeks.

 Step 2  Generating an Acceptable Offer
Once mutual interest has been established, our capture strat
egy goes into effect. What are the candidate’s needs, in terms of compensation, perks and relocation assistance? Are there any loose ends that must be addressed? And is the candidate serious about joining your team, or is he juggling a variety of offers—or overtures to stay with the current employer? 

As difficult as it is to find the right person, your efforts are wasted if the candidate turns you down or takes another offer. And it’s our job to help broker the deal, to ensure that who you want is who you get.

 Step 3  Ensuring a Smooth Transition
Now that your employment offer has been accepted, we’ll do whatever is necessary to help the candidate resign from his or her old position, decline a counteroffer attempt, and assist in any way that might be beneficial during the transition to the new position.

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 Referral Policy
 At Radin Associates, we refer only those candidates who are sincerely interested in exploring the opportunity to join your team. In other words, we wont waste your time by presenting reluctant or counteroffer-prone candidates who might use your employment offer merely as a market-value litmus test or a negotiating tool to leverage an existing position. Only those candidates with realistic expectations and corporate-culture compatibility will be referred. 

Executive Search Services | Job Seeker Resources | Resume TipsSend Resume

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