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Improving Your LinkedIn Profile
by Bill Radin

Recently, a highly qualified candidate of mine was rejected by an employer. The reason? His resume and his LinkedIn profile didn't precisely match.

Although the discrepancy was simply due to an employment date typo, the employer assumed the worst and disqualified an otherwise stellar candidate.

To prevent future train wrecks, the candidate edited his information to synchronize on all platforms. In addition, he carefully reworked his LinkedIn profile to highlight his professional strengths and build value in the eyes of peers, customers and prospective employers. He applied four key strategies:


Get to the point. Summary statements and personal opinions are fine, but they’re generally a waste of time and viewable real estate.


Bring it up to date. People like to know if your position or employment status has changed. If you switch jobs, make sure your last position has an “end date” so it won’t look like you’re working for two companies simultaneously.


Flesh it out. It’s better to have a thin profile than no profile. But a mere list of titles and companies provides too little useful information.


Minimize the non-essentials. LinkedIn prompts its members to include volunteering experience and causes you care about. These are admirable endeavors, but remember that LinkedIn is first and foremost a professional network.

In other words, your LinkedIn profile should look more like a resume—and less like a Facebook page.



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