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For Technology

As consultants, we’re known by the companies we keep.

For over 20 years, a sizable number of clients have used our services to locate and secure the best available talent.
Their products and technologies are sold to OEMs and end-users and are both custom ordered and off-the-shelf.
We're committed to identifying candidates with a high level of product knowledge and technical experience in engineering, sales, product development, operations and general management.


Test and Measurement
 Nanoparticle characterization
Geotechnical and materials testing
Surface condition analysis
Predictive/preventive maintenance cameras 
Earthquake detection, storage and telemetry
Nuclear medicine test and measurement

Accelerometers -- Miniature / ESS -- 3220M27-Image


Sensors and Components
Force, pressure, level, temperature and humidity
Load cells, strain gages and accelerometers
Flow meters and industrial valves
Switches and transmitters

Industrial Control and Automation
Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)
Industrial automation software
Process instrumentation and data recorders
Tension control devices for web applications
Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI)
Industrial communications hardware and software


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